Making a Character

We use the Mage the Ascension Core 3rd edition rulebook as the primary module of our character creation process. However when you visit our House Rules, you will see many of the secondary systems are listed in other Source Books.

The House Rules** which list all the allowed and disallowed systems, is going to be your first stop! Although a little dry right now the information inside is critical.

Afterward build your character using the information at hand, if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.

Once you have the character you would like please construct it using:

Mr. Gone’s Character Sheets

Specifically use the:

Interactive 4 page Sheet

If your adventurous and make a familiar or an NPC for me please check out. Source Books for Character sheet links at the bottom

Afterward please Email to me at with ‘’Broken Toys Character approval’’ in the subject line and I will get back to you!!

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Making a Character

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