Plains City


In a world of increasing economic turmoil, Plains City ought to represent a shining star.

With it’s strong industrial base, large scale investments in reusable infrastructure, a strong police presence and tons of funding for education the place should be every ones dream home.

And it was…

Until 18 years ago.

A devastating fire erupted from the China Town district, and rapidly spread into Downtown, Westwood, and other nearby areas. Response by fire teams was extremely slow while the fire was confined to Westwood and China Town, hundreds died. By the time it spread to Downtown and local authorities responded more vigorously, it was too late to contain the fire and hundreds turned to thousands. It was considered one of the worst fires in American history. The initial cause of the fire was never determined, all the 911 operators working the night of the fire spoke only English and all the tapes were destroyed when the fire swept through the downtown station. Even today parts of the city have not been renovated from the fire.

While very little of the cities critical infrastructure was damaged, the horror and loss of life crippled the city’s development. Still strong, still stable, investors didn’t seem to notice it for almost a decade afterward causing it to slowly deteriorate. This caused a few of the cities factory’s to shutdown, creating (amongst other things) a small but significant homeless problem, a huge increase in needed welfare services. An increased crime rate due to more and more poorly funded (although not on paper) police forces, and the aforementioned civil corruption.

Today the city is a shadow of its self, too many services are imported into the city and not nearly enough goods exported out. The construction of a new interstate highway in Plains City’s sister city to the north has essentially doomed the city to mediocrity. Although the city does have a few places where things appear to be turning around (the Mercy Hospital and China Town Reconstruction Zone as examples) this city’s fate seems as sure as the turning of the nights sky.

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Plains City

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